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Guitarist Adam Bellotto and upright bassist Robby Delosier make up the 8-Bit Jazz Heroes, based out of Southern California. The Heroes have only been around since September of 2016, but Adam and Robby each have a wealth of music experience (40 years between the two of them). Individually, they’ve performed at the Kennedy Center, the Arsenio Hall Show, Twins Jazz, the Blues Alley Jazz, and Supper Club.

Adam and Robby put their own unique spin on jazz – while they play plenty of standards, their specialty is taking songs from film, TV, and especially video games and re-arranging them for the jazz idiom. Nothing’s better than starting up a tune and hearing that voice in the crowd shout, “Hey, isn’t that from Zelda?!”

Featured below are a current list of tunes on their pop-culture-jazz playlist.

Song List:

A Whole New World (“Aladdin”)
The Bare Necessities (“The Jungle Book”)
Beauty and the Beast (“Beauty and the Beast”)
Belle (“Beauty and the Beast”)
Be Our Guest (“Beauty and the Beast”)
Colors of the Wind (“Pocahontas”)
Cruella De Vil (“101 Dalmatians”)
Dire, Dire Docks (“Super Mario 64”)
DK Island Swing (“Donkey Kong Country”)
Donut Plains (“Super Mario Kart”)
Everybody Wants to Be a Cat (“The Aristocats”)
Fairy Fountain (“The Legend of Zelda”)
Fever (“Dr. Mario”)
Grass Land 2 (“Kirby’s Dream Land 3”)
Green Greens (“Kirby’s Dream Land”)
I See the Light (“Tangled”)
I Wanna Be Like You (“The Jungle Book”)
Kirby’s Gourmet Race (“Kirby Super Star”)
Main Theme (“The Legend of Zelda”)
“Metroid” Medley
Mission Failed (“Kirby’s Dream Land 3”)
Outset Island (“The Legend of Zelda”)
Overworld Theme (“Super Mario Bros 2”)
Rainbow Road (“Mario Kart 64”)
Saria’s Song (“The Legend of Zelda”)
Slider Theme, aka Giant Penguin Race (“Super Mario 64”)
Song of Storms (“The Legend of Zelda”)
“Star Wars” Medley
Theme from “I Love Lucy”
Theme from “MASH”
Theme from “Monk”
Theme from “My Neighbor Totoro”
Theme from “Spider-Man”
Theme from “Star Trek”
Theme from “Super Mario Bros”
Theme from “Tetris”
Theme from “The Odd Couple”
Theme from “The Simpsons”
Title Theme (“The Legend of Zelda”)
Wii Shop Channel Music
“Yoshi’s Island” Medley
You’ve Got a Friend in Me (“Toy Story”)
Zelda’s Lullaby (“The Legend of Zelda”)















Interested in booking us for a private party? Any private party booking comes with one free request – pick a favorite tune from any movie, TV show or video game you’d like, and we’ll arrange it jazz-style and play it at your event for no extra charge! And feel free to request any (or all) of the above songs as well.

Audio Samples:

Video Samples:

Venues Played:

4th St Market
Anaheim Art Crawl Experience
BeachCon 2017
Bourbon Street Bar and Grill
Cafe Corleone
Center St. Tavern
DTSA Farmer’s Market
Eqeko Peruvian Cuisine
Forbidden City
La Creperie Cafe
La Traviata
Long Beach First Fridays
OC Contemporary Gallery
Private Events
Public Beer Wine Shop
Puzzle Bar
Rose Bowl Flea Market
Salvatore Restaurant
Seal Beach Winery
The Barrel Room
The Brass Lamp
The Wine Bar
Willmore Wine Bar


“Their unparalleled take on music has caught plenty of folks’ attention. And rightfully so. ”
-Yvonne Villasenor, OC Weekly“You guys were amazing!!! I loved all the Disney songs, I was walking around singing along.
-Alona Scott, Anaheim Art Crawl Experience”Video games inspired this Long Beach duo’s unique brand of jazz”
-Emily Thornton, Long Beach Press-Telegram

“We were very impressed by Adam and Robby overall – the ambience at the convention was remarkable with their music.”
-Cat Tompkins, President of the CSULB eSports Association, BeachCon 2017

“Adam and Robby played the perfect jazz for our wedding brunch reception. They helped make our morning a really fun and relaxed celebration.”
-Private Event Customer

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