Guitarist Adam Bellotto and upright bassist Robby Delosier make up the 8-Bit Jazz Heroes, based out of Southern California. Both Adam and Robby have a wealth of music experience (40 years between the two of them). Individually, they’ve performed at the Kennedy Center, the Arsenio Hall Show, Twins Jazz, the Blues Alley Jazz, and Supper Club.

Adam and Robby also have over 60 years experience sitting on their butts and playing video games. And one day they had the genius idea to put both of those things together.

Now they’re the 8-Bit Jazz Heroes, a duo that arranges and performs jazz interpretations of classic video game music (with the occasional movie or TV theme in there). The Heroes have only been around since September of 2016, but they’ve already performed at the biggest conventions, the smallest parties and everything in-between.

Invite them to your next event for an experience you won’t forget.